Our team will work with you to prepare your Wills, Estate Planning and Enduring Powers of Attorney.  We will also advise you of potential issues that may arise. As a result we can give you options on how to deal with your particular family circumstances.

For clients with more complex needs or involved with businesses, we work with your accountants and other shareholders to come up with tax effective and commercial solutions for your estate planning strategy.

DuxRoe can assist in grant of probate and letters of administration.

We also assist clients making or defending claims on an estate.  Our philosophy is to solve these disputes quickly and easily without unnecessary stress.

Our services include:

    • Preparing simple and complex Wills with testamentary trusts.
    • Preparing simple and complex Enduring Powers of Attorney to protect vulnerable loved ones.
    • Advising any tax implications on your estate plan and how to address these implications.
    • Estate planning advice including how to deal with trusts, self managed superannuation funds, overseas assets, anticipating a family provision claim and asset protection.
    • Helping your administer an estate including getting a grant of probate, defending any potential challenges to the estate, advising on problems with the will – such as interpretation, lost wills, informal wills and capacity.
    • Helping you make a family provision claim if you feel you did not receive sufficient money from an estate.